“Mombies” are Real. But We Can Help

by Dr. Shonna Babrow-Goodrich
September 28, 2018

Are you a Mombie?

For many moms (or parents in general), the words “sleep deprivation” and “motherhood” go hand-in-hand. And the issue extends beyond the newborn stage! Kids waking up from bad dreams, waiting up for teenagers or simply not having enough time in the day all play a part in robbing parents of quality sleep.  

According to a national sleep foundation poll, a whopping 74% of  moms reported having symptoms of insomnia. It doesn’t help that as a culture, we also tend to look down on sleep. Sleep-deprived moms often take pride in how much they are getting done and trade “war stories”of sleepless nights with other moms at the park. But what is it costing your health?

How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Health

Today, sleep experts are trying to get busy moms to slow down and change their attitude about sleep. "We really need to look at sleep as something that's just as important to good health as diet and exercise," says Ronald Kramer, MD, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and a specialist at the Colorado Sleep Disorders Center in Englewood, CO. That’s because in addition to the demand of being a busy parent,phases of the menstrual cycle, menopause, and other hormonal fluctuations can also affect your sleep. There’s also clinical research that shows a strong link between insufficient sleep and the following health related issues:

  • Fatigue
  • Inability to focus or concentrate
  • Poor memory
  • Mood disturbance
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Low motivation or energy
  • Increased errors or accidents
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease

Three Lifestyle Changes that Can Help You Get More Sleep

Even though a busy mom may feel that quality, meaningful sleep is near impossible, the flip side of not addressing lack of sleep has consequences that require a solution. It can also lead to a slew of health problems that - to put frankly - leave you feeling less like the rock-star you are and more like the “walking mombie” you’ve become. Here are several tips to assist you and your fellow warrior moms get more sleep.

Relax before bed
Develop a sleep routine and take time to unwind from your busy day. It’s imperative to a good night’s rest.  Relax in a warm bath with a few drops of lavender oil in the water,. Enjoy a cup of hot tea such as chamomile. And turn off the screen - social media, your computer or the TV - at least an hour before your bedtime. Regardless of the routine you develop, any or all of these will help you take the right step toward a better night’s sleep.

Catch up on sleep during the weekend
Use the weekend to help you get a few extra hours of shut-eye. . Perhaps you can swap time with a spouse or have a sitter come over to give you some time to refresh and recharge. . Your kids might fight taking one, but as an adult, a nap on the weekend is equal to a little slice of heaven.

Help your child sleep more soundly
Nothing puts a dent in a good night’s rest like a child waking you up in the dead of night. Newborns are the hardest as it’s expected you’ll be up four to six times throughout the night, but toddlers, preschoolers and even older children can put a crimp in your sleep, too! If your toddler or preschooler is consistently waking up in the middle of the night, developing a good sleep routine for them would be beneficial as well. Small changes such as a consistent bedtime and room darkening shades will assist your child with sleeping better.

Get More Peaceful Days and Restful Nights with a Proven All-Natural Supplement

Try as you might, lifestyle changes may not fully help you get the rest you need. You simply can’t get your mind to shut down quick enough or you still wake up and can’t get back to sleep. That’s when it’s time to look for an all-natural supplement that will help your body relax. Relax & Calm from Aceva has been clinically formulatedto help you get more peaceful days and restful nights. Featuring valerian root extract (300mg), this 2-in-1 formula has been proven in extensive research trials to promote restful sleep - without the significant negative residual effects you may see with prescription sleep aids or melatonin. In addition, Relax & Calm also includes hops extract (30 mg) and passion flower  extract (80 mg) - which when all three our paired together - outperform the benzodiazepine drug zolpidem in improving some markers of sleep in individuals diagnosed with primary insomnia. Finally, the L-Theanin amino acid promotes relaxation so you can breathe easier and handle stresses throughout the day.This is the same amino acid naturally found in green tea that has been proven to promote relaxation without causing drowsiness because it actually increases the alpha waves in the brain, inducing a more alert and relaxed mental and physical state within 40 minutes of ingestion.

Take charge of your sleep and say goodbye to “Mombie” Mode.

Dr. Shonna Babrow-Goodrich
Dr. Shonna Babrow-Goodrich

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