Introducing the New Sugar Balance

by Diane VanAcker
October 06, 2015

A recent update has been made to the formulation of Sugar Balance to enable quicker response time in the regulation of blood sugar. Higher levels of alpha lipoic acid has been added to the formulation which will have the dual purpose of blood sugar regulation and strong antioxidant support. Research on the dose schedule in the new formulation shows a 27% increase in insulin’s ability to clear the blood stream of excess sugar over a four week period of time.

The formulation has high levels of Lagerstroemia speciosa L, also known as banaba leaf, which has shown via research to reduce blood sugar levels as much as 30% over only a fourteen day time frame.

Sugar Balance is a clinically effective combination containing powerful ingredients designed to improve insulin sensitivity and enhance blood glucose (sugar) control. The formula includes the master antioxidant, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), a rare herb, Lagerstromeia speciosa Leaf extract (Banaba), and key vitamins and trace minerals that help enhance or repair the glucose signaling pathways within the body.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)

A naturally occurring antioxidant, ALA has the ability to protect the cells of the body and improve insulin sensitivity by enhancing glucose transport and signaling. In one placebo controlled trial, 600 mg of ALA, insulin sensitivity increased by 15% in 28 days (3). In another study using diabetic patients, those receiving 600 mg of ALA for >3 months experienced significantly lower measures of oxidative stress compared to those not receiving the treatment (4).

Lagerstromeia speciosa Leaf (Banaba) Extract

Banaba extract contains a compound called corsolic acid that has the ability decrease blood sugar levels within 60 minutes of administration and aid in weight management (5). In one study, subjects receiving Banaba extract experienced a 12% decrease in fasting blood sugar and an average 3 pound weight loss after 2 weeks as a result of improved blood glucose management (6). No adverse events have been reported in human studies using Banaba supplementation, including one study where subjects received Banaba for up to one year (5).

Vanadium + Chromium

Vanadium and Chromium are both key trace minerals involved in carbohydrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity. In one study, subjects using 100 mcg chromium, twice per day saw significant improvement in their AIC levels (average blood sugar over the past 3 months), glucose , insulin, and cholesterol levels (7). In another 6 week study using 150 mcg vanadium, subjects experienced a significant improvement in their glycemic control, including a 20% decrease in fasting blood sugar and a 6% decrease in their AIC level (8).

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Diane VanAcker
Diane VanAcker

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