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LaboratoryAceva is excited to announce that its products and programs have been integrated into a revolutionary laboratory software program called Blood Chem Software. The Blood Chemistry Software program was released in 2012 by Dr. Dicken Weatherby, a world leading expert in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. The software program is based on Dr. Weatherby’s best-selling “Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis” book and is very easy to use.

A Seamless Process of Laboratory Analysis

A practitioner simply uploads their patient’s standard blood test labs into the software electronically where it is then run through powerful research based algorithms. Health patterns are identified and an individual’s health status is revealed. Based on an individual’s findings, personalized healthcare recommendations including supplementation protocols are suggested to help correct underlying physiological imbalances and improve one’s overall health. This cutting-edge clinical resource was designed to make it easier for health care practitioners to extract functional and nutritional information from their patients’ blood tests and to give them a powerful analytical reporting tool to use with their patients.

Integration of Aceva Products

Aceva’s clinical team spent countless hours devising clinical protocols using its product and programs using rationale derived from scientific research. Over 50 different clinical conditions/dysfunctions are addressed by Aceva in the software and these include adrenal insufficiency, bacterial & viral infection, detoxification need, gastric inflammation, thyroid dysfunction, intestinal hyperpermeability and metabolic syndrome.

The Functional Lab Report

The Blood Chemistry Software program will provide an easy to read report called a “Functional Health Report” in which Aceva’s products and programs will be recommended appropriately based on individual patient laboratory findings. Once you have an account established, be sure and enable the Aceva product line in your account to see the Aceva line of products in your patient’s recommendations. Please visit the following links for detailed instructions on how to activate Aceva products and programs into your account and to learn more about the cutting-edge Blood Chemistry Software program and how it can help simplify your clinical practice.














Aceva products added to software



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