Fill out the application below to become a reseller of the Aceva nutrient line. All applications are reviewed within 24 business hours.

The Reseller Opportunity

Aceva is a boutique nutrition company with a focus on training professionals in clinical nutrition and providing therapeutic nutrition solutions.

There are four unique offerings Aceva provides a wholesale distributor:

  • Active Pharmaceutical-Grade Formulations
  • Comprehensive Clinical and Procedural Training
  • The Industries Best Product Guarantee
  • Online Nutrition and Laboratory Store

Active Pharmaceutical-Grade Formulations

Aceva provides hypoallergenic, bioavailable, clinically-proven formulations with the following additional guarantees.

  • All products will provide 100% potency for their entire shelf life
  • Every ingredient is pharmaceutical grade or better
  • We provide full label disclosure with NO hidden ingredients

The Industries Best Product Guarantee

The "Empty Bottle Guarantee" will allow you to provide nutrition without having to "sell" the product. Introduce the product and the desired outcome and let your patient know all products have a 60-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee will drive compliance due to the 'risk-free' offering and consequently help more patients reach a state of optimal health. The Empty Bottle Guarantee provides:

  • Higher Patient Compliance
  • More Patient Referrals
  • Increase in Revenue

Comprehensive Clinical and Procedural Training

Nutritional integration encompasses more than just a great product line. It requires training to help practitioners embrace protocols and build their confidence. We provide 24/7 online answers to your nutrition questions, free one-on-one consults with a certified nutritionist, and a free procedural on-boarding program with our consultants.

Online Nutrition and Laboratory Store

Receive a comprehensive store where your patients and customers can order product from your site 24 hours a day. We will fulfill the order, ship the product and send you the profit. Create a strong monthly stream of passive revenue with Aceva.